Chilean travel company offers ‘experiences’ not just sights

A new type of tour group is being developed by Latitud 90 in Chile, which offers unique corporate, student and private trips.

At the beginning of the last decade, Latitud 90, a Chilean travel company that lead student and corporate trips, was looking for a way to expand their repertoire while thinking outside the box.
They wanted something different from the standard touring and professional coaching trips that other companies were offering. And it’s through this idea that Latitud 90 began providing travel programs that went beyond the basics and generated a distinct experience for their clients.
Their tours offered the best of Chilean travel destinations, all with an emphasis on personal experience. Trips to Chile’s northern astronomical observatories, for example, where students learn from astronomers and use the facilities. Or corporate trips where companies strengthen their business while watching whales in the south.
“The offer was so seductive that many business managers were asking us if there were similar offerings, but for family or friends,” Felipe Howard, co-founder of Latitud 90, told La Tercera.
Thus was born Latitud 90 Experiencias, a subsidiary of Latitud 90 dedicated to offering unique trips for individuals and families. Latitud 90 Experiencias seeks to connect travelers to a destination, generating a distinct bond between those who are sharing the journey and a more permanent memory of the adventure.
“More than a trip, it’s an experience,” Howard told La Tercera.
Latitud 90 Experiencias includes many destinations in Chile, including the Casablanca Valley, just an hour from Santiago. “We have some domes (tents), with private bathrooms, where you can have a rural experience, without the congestion,” Howard said.
The local program also offers whale watching in the south of Chile. The last of these programs was held in May, where the trip “generated such a link between travelers, that after the tour, and without previously knowing each other, the people have met up together three times,” said Howard.
For more information about Latitude 90’s corporate and student trips, visit this website. For more on Latitude 90 Experiencias, see here (in Spanish).