Chilean university students present pioneering online snowboard and ski network

The platform seeks to promote Andean culture, providing practical data such as the purchase and sale of ski and snowboard equipment, lodging, packs, equipment rental and exclusive discounts for students who want to enjoy snow sports.


«Vamos a la nieve» (Let’s go to the snow). This is the name of an innovative network created by a group of students and an academic from the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (UTFSM), which seeks to draw young people toward the mountains of Chile, in order to promote the Andean culture through the practice of skiing and snowboarding.

The creative platform is based on content that is generated by the users themselves through a social network oriented toward these sports throughout Chile. It allows interested parties to have access to information regarding the purchase and sale of equipment, lodging, packs, equipment rental and exclusive discounts for students, among other practical data for people involved in these activities.

Specifically, «Vamos a la Nieve», operates on the basis of an interface on which all the information listed above is available, without differentiating between experts and novices. The idea is to create a meeting point for young people interested in these sports, and to offer an opportunity to make new friends, exchange experiences and tips and create groups to share expenses (for example, transport costs).

The project was the idea of Sabine Rojas Siegel, a student preparing her architect’s thesis at UTFSM, and was supported by a multidisciplinary team from the university, among them Daniel Inostroza, a student of Civil Engineering majoring in Informatics, and Johana Moya, a teacher from the Industries Department.

The group started off by creating a Fansite on the Facebook social network, which currently has a following of 6,500. In this way, “Vamos a la nieve” rapidly became one of the 10 most popular groups in Facebook devoted to snow sports, and it is growing at a rate of 100 followers per day on average.

The end of May has been scheduled for the launching of its official website, which already has a couple of official sponsors interested in supporting this platform. According to Rojas, it will be oriented toward “offering a top-quality product that will be subject to constant renovation and innovation”.

In future, the hope is to transform the site into the most popular entity connected to snow sports and for it to become not only a referent for those who practice skiing and snowboarding, but also for those who simply want to enjoy the mountains and their different attractions.