Chilean video game designers look to gaming community for funds

An exciting new gaming company based in Santiago is hoping to finance its latest project, Evilot, on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter – but they need your help! 

It seems that Santiago-based video game designers Syrenaica aren’t content with only being at the forefront of software development in Latin America – they have to be leading the charge in the development of new financing models as well.

Founded as recently as October 2011, the company is hoping to launch its first game, called Evilot, with the support of crowdfunding website, Kickstarter.

Put simply, the idea behind the Kickstarter campaign is that the Syrenaica team has a limited amount of time to convince everyday people around the world why Evilot deserves donations. If they fail to receive their donation target by the deadline, they don’t get any money.

The game fits the puzzle / defense genres and has been designed as a HTML5 app, optimized for tablets and mobile devices as well as multiple gaming platforms, including iOS, Android, PC, Mac, Linux and the upcoming Ouya console.

Gamers play as Count Dolfus, an evil overlord gone into retirement, who just wants to spend his last days in peace.

“The problem is that the small retirement fund you’ve managed to amass, over decades of evildoing, is too tempting a prize for the heroes and adventurers running through the Kingdom of Evilot, so you’ll have to prepare your defenses to withstand their fierce attack,” says Syrenaica co-founder and CEO, Oscar Contreras, on the Kickstarter pitch.

Contreras and his team hope to use the funds generated from Kickstarter to record the game’s original soundtrack with a live performance by the Macedonian Radio Symphony Orchestra.

But first they have to raise US$10,000 by Friday September 7, 10:00 am Eastern Daylight Time. At the time of writing, Syrenaica had raised US$3,693.

For marketing & PR manager at Syrenaica Nicole Lemaitre, the importance of the Kickstarter campaign goes beyond getting an awesome soundtrack.

“This is a special game for many reasons. Evilot is the first Chilean game to launch on Kickstarter, and it is very important for my country to enter the indie gaming market,” Lemaitre told The Next Web. “We believe that this segment is growing and we want to be part of this growth by providing a fun, strategic and addictive game.”

Donations can be as little as US$1. . . so what are you waiting for? Head over to the Kickstarter page and help make Evilot an historic first for the Chilean gaming community.