Chilean video game tops download lists in 16 countries

Brothers Nicolás and Diego Palacios have created four games since October 2010, with the success of their new game e-Pig Dash boosting downloads of their others by 400%.


A video game created by two young Chilean brothers has become a big hit in Apple’s online store: with over 250,000 downloads in one week, the e-Pig Dash has become the site’s most popular download in 16 countries.

The game allows players to follow the adventures of Eddie, a pink pig, as he leaps through a landscape reminiscent of a high-resolution Mario Brothers’ land. The application is free and available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

The idea was developed by commercial engineer Nicolás Palacios, who created the company e-Pig Games in 2008 with his brother Diego and the designer Andrés Cortés, when they purchased a Mac computer to develop games.

“We launched our first game in October 2010, which calculated how ‘macho’ a man was. It was a really silly thing, but it helped us learn,” Nicolás told Chilean daily, El Mercurio. The company has created four games so far. Downloads of their other games have shot up 400 percent thanks to the success of e-Pig Dash.

“We expect to reach two million downloads within the next two months, which will give us a very big consumer base and help us sell our new game to be launched on May 30, which will not be free,” Nicolás said.

The anticipated game will let players search for treasures in the seas of Chile. Nicolás told El Mercurio that he hopes to develop games for the Android operating system, Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3.