Chilean vineyards prominent in German fair

The main objective of the strong presence of the Chilean wine industry at the fair was to show that the sector is operating normally in spite of the earthquake of February 27 and that it is more than ready to conduct business on a large scale.

Chilean vineyards in Germain
With the participation of 35 major vineyards of the country, Chile had a substantial presence at the Prowein Wine Fair held in Düsseldorf

With the participation of 35 major vineyards of the country, Chile had a substantial presence at the Prowein Wine Fair held in Düsseldorf, Germany, considered to be one of the most important in Europe.

The event took place between 21 and 23 March 2010 and, apart from the companies that participated as part of the ProChile stand, thirty other vineyards were present, either independently or through their importer. In this way, the producers exhibited a solid image of the Chilean wine-making industry, just one month after the earthquake that also affected some wine-producing areas.

The head of the Fairs Department, Pablo Balmaceda, stated that the solid presence of the sector had a precise objective: “The message was clear and shared by the whole sector – Chile is active and wants to do business”, he indicated.

The Chilean wine industry thus intends to continue to occupy a privileged space in the European market. This is key to its development, because in 2009 it represented 51% of the exports of the sector, accounting for more than US$ 500 million. The idea is to achieve large-scale penetration among the younger European segment which, according to experts, is interested in tasting different strains.

The organizers reported that more than 3,300 exhibitors and around 36,000 visitors attended the event, including major investors and buyers from Eastern Europe and Asia.

In addition, for the first time the fair was attended by the five leading wine producers of the New World, i.e. Chile, Argentina, New Zealand, the United States and South Africa. The representatives of these countries participated in seminars where the specific features of the wine-producing industry and the stocks of each region were made known.

It should be mentioned that Chilean wine enjoys international prestige and that the eighth largest vineyard in the world is located there. During the past years, the development of the industry has been coupled with an increasing concern for the environment. For this reason, Chilean companies have modified their production methods and are focusing strongly on developing ecological businesses.