Chilean wine and food debut in India

In a series of conventions throughout the country, India is introduced to Chilean fine wines and cuisine thanks to ProChile. 

A cornucopia of Chilean specialties like smoked salmon, salmon ceviche, mussels, grilled pork, and turkey made for a colorful and delectable spread at the second annual Chilean Wine and Food festival in Mumbai, hosted late November.
If that wasn’t enough, each of these delicacies paired with an appropriate Chilean wine.
“Chilean wine is good for you. It has a lot of benefits and better prospects for consolidation in the Indian market,” Head of ProChile at the Embassy to Chile in India announced at the event. “We are celebrating the second year of the Chilean Wine and Food Festival and have got a good response. We will continue the celebrations in the years to come.”
Riveros was accompanied in the celebration by Lalit Kanodia, the honorary consul of Chile in Mumbai and Sudhendu Pandid, the general manager of the Lalit Hotel which hosted the event.
“Events such as the Chilean Wine and Food Festival generate significant support to the work of the mission in India to achieve greater and [favorable] perception…about Chilean wine as Chile’s flagship product,” Pandid explained to the audience.
A similar event of the same name preceded the one in Mumbai this October. This festival was held in Delhi for industry professionals and members of the esteemed Delhi Wine Club.
“Our thanks to Nestor and his ProChile team for exposing our members and other guests to such a wide range of wines that evening,” Arjun Batra, member of the Delhi wine club reported online after the Chilean Wine and Food Festival there.
“The grilled salmon with pineapple salsa was a hit as was the Oven Roasted Turkey with navy beans,” Batra recalled of the Dehli Wine and Food Festival. “Chileans eat a lot of pork and the molasses glazed barbeque spare ribs paired extremely well with the Carmenere.”
Historically, Indian wine consumers have focused on European products. However, thanks to recent bilateral trade agreements between India, Chile, and other Latin American countries, an interest in wines produced in these regions has blossomed.
Through events in which Indian wine consumers become familiar with Chilean grapes and brands, Nestor Riveros of Prochile aims to make Chile the second largest wine exporter to the nation within the next three years.