Chilean wine exports increased significantly in October

Strong growth in shipments to the United States, Brazil and China contributed to the encouraging industry figures.


The figures for Chilean wine exports in October have come in – and the news is good. Earnings from bottled wine exports were up 22.8 percent from September, to US$139 million, while volume rose 15.8 percent to 43 million liters.

The average price of exported Chilean wine also rose, climbing 5.9 percent to US$28.93 per case.

The president of Wines of Chile, René Araneda, told Diario Financiero that the results for October were extremely positive.

“They are due to a strong increase in shipments to the United States, Brazil and China, and better performances in almost all markets, apart from the United Kingdom,” he said.

The volume of overall wine exports increased 8.9 percent in October, to 69 million liters, while the average value jumped 12.3 percent to an average of US$2.47 a liter.

The largest growth in Chilean wine consumption during October was in the emerging Chinese and Brazilian markets.

In China, the total volume of exports rose 136.9 percent, while value was up 150.7 percent. In Brazil, the figures were just as impressive, with a 128.5 percent increase in the quantity of Chilean wine shipped into the country and a 136.8 percent rise in value

There was also healthy growth in North America, according to figures reported in Diario Financiero. The volume of Chilean wine destined for the United States jumped 29.2 percent to 764,000 cases, while in Canada, there was an increase of 13.5 percent to 211,000 cases.

Wine is one of Chile’s major exports, and last year the nation was recognized as the world’s fifth largest wine exporter.