Chilean winery is awarded for its renewable energy plan

Miguel Torres Winery was awarded in London.

Miguel Torres
Imagen: Grupo Turismo

The Drink Business, a wine specialised magazine, conducts the “Green Awards” since 2010, with the aim of awarding environment protection oriented practices in the wine industry.

During its 5th version, which took place in London last month, Miguel Torres Winery was awarded because of its “Renewable Energy Implementation” in their wine production process. The winery, located in Chile’s central valley, is the first in receiving this Green Awards recognition, thanks to Carbon Zero Consulting sponsorship, an international consultant devoted to responsible resource management.

The award is a recognition to the deep commitment of the winery with the environment, which is reflected in its production processes. From all of them, its innovative temperature control system during vinification stands out. This counts with an absorption refrigeration system that works with solar panels, which allow to cool water up to 5°C and 7°C (41°F and 45°F). In addition, the winery has developed a solar polygeneration system whose aim is to reduce its carbon footprint.

Bodegas Torres president, Miguel A. Torres, said to Chile Desarrollo Sustentable portal that “the award is a recognition to the effort we are making to adapt to climate change and minimize its effects with the use of renewable energies.”

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