Chilean Writer Carla Guelfenbein Wins 2015’s XVIII Alfaguara Novel Prize

The writer won the award for her novel “Contigo en la distancia”

Carla Guelfenbein

The national writer won by unanimity the Alfaguara Novel Prize on Wednesday for her novel “Contigo en la distancia” (lit. “With you at distance”); a literary thriller, which reflects on different aspects of life, such as lies, truth, talent, and success. It is expected the book will be on sale by May.

“It is a literary thriller novel built, with great narrative efficiency, around a memorable female character and the power of genius. The author knew how to weave love and enigma with a complex and transparent writing,” pointed out the jury, composed by the Spanish novelist Javier Cercas, the jury president, by the Colombian writer and journalist Héctor Abad Faciolince, and by the Spanish journalist and assistant director of El País newspaper Berna González Harbour, among others.

There were 707 texts that were submitted; 320 came from Spain, 106 from Mexico, and 20 from Chile, among other countries. It is worth mentioning this is the third time a national author wins this award; the first one being Carlos Droguett in 1970, and then Hernán Rivera Letelier in 2010.

Guelfenbein has written other books such as “El revés del alma” (“The Other Side of the Soul”) (2003), “La mujer de mi vida” (“The Woman of my Life”) (2006), “El resto es silencio” (“The Rest is Silence”) (2009) y “Nadar desnudas” (“Swim Naked”) (2014), which has been translated into 16 languages.

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