Chileans organize activities to help those affected by forest fires

From concerts to football practices, Chileans are organizing the most diverse activities to help the families affected.

@rafaurbinac | Instagram
@rafaurbinac | Instagram

Chilean solidarity and wit become more present than ever in times of emergency. Now that the country is suffering from forest fires that have already burned more than 300.000 hectares and small towns, Chileans all over the country are organizing to go in help of those families that have lost everything and of the volunteers that work tirelessly. Here is a list of some of those activities:

In different places in Santiago, national and international artists have joined forces and offered concerts. Erlend Øye, the Norwegian singer of Kings of Convenience, was the centre of a gig at the Bicentenario Park in Vitacura, while national artists Ana Tijoux, Gepe, Illapu and Fernando Milagros sang at the Casa FECh (the main office of the Universidad de Chile’s student union). There are more concerts to come: Américo and Eduardo Gatti plan to be a part of a show in the Movistar Arena. All of these concerts have a thing in common: the tickets can be paid with either money or food, and everything will go to help the families affected by the fires.

Football truly moves mountains and that’s why some of Chile’s biggest teams are trying to contribute. Universidad Católica made a public practice, and the money from the tickets would go to the people who need it after this emergency, and they also made and auction of some of their most notable players’ shirts. Colo Colo on the other hand, has spoken about their plan to play a friendly match. Meanwhile, the South American Football Confederation has made a donation of half a million dollars that will go to a fund to help in the reconstruction.

Comedians Jorge Alís and Stefan Kramer, got together with the Ñuñoa municipality to go in help of the small town of Empedrado, in the Maule region, which has been severely damaged by the fires. The tickets can be bought with food donations.

Several Chilean organizations have created bank accounts and collection centres to receive the help for the families, volunteers and also animals affected by the fires. Chile’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has opened an account where people living abroad can help, while Desafío Levantemos Chile has also created accounts and packs with which is possible to help. Techo Chile has not only opened an account but is also looking for volunteers to help in the reconstruction process once the emergency has passed. On the other hand, Chile’s Society for Animal Protection and the EDRA Foundation are receiving contributions to help the animals that have lost their natural habitats due to the fires.

Collection Centres
Several municipalities and fire departments all over Chile have transformed into collection centres where water, food and isotonic sports drinks, among other things, are received and collected to later go to the places in need. You can check their websites and social networks to see what each of them are collecting.

In these moments of need we invite you to get informed and know what is the best way to help where you are.