Chile’s Alex Anwandter named an ‘Artist Poised for U.S. Stardom

Time Magazine highlights the pop artist in its column exploring the next big thing in music from around the world. 

Watch out “Gangnam Style,” Alex Anwandter’s beats may be the next big thing to hit U.S. airwaves. The Chilean pop artist has just made Time Magazine’s list of “The Next 10 Artists Poised for U.S. Stardom,” which identifies musicians bursting with potential from around the globe.
The list was compiled with the help of Darek Mazzone, a DJ who spins modern global music for a living on his show “Wo’Pop” for Seattle, Washington’s KEXP radio station. The diverse list highlights artists from a wide range of countries including Japan, Poland, and the Congo.
Anwandter’s hot single right now is the song Cómo puedes vivir contigo mismo? (How can you live with yourself?) off his album Rebeldes (Rebels) which was released in 2011. The song’s music video pays homage to Jennie Livingston’s 1990 documentary about the world of queer subculture in New York, “Paris is Burning.”
According to Time Magazine, the song is great for the dance floor and comes with a powerful message.
“The result is a club-worthy song, with a message of equality, love and acceptance. It also happens to have a great beat,” wrote Mazzone.
Anwandter, 29-years-old, grew up listening to a wide variety of music on the radio in his hometown of Santiago. This led him to tap into a diverse mix of styles for his own sound, the artist told Sounds and Colors.
My generation grew up listening to all sorts of music and we didn’t have that prejudice that perhaps older generations might have had regarding poor taste, bad taste or whatever you want to call it. We just grew up listening to all sorts of music, especially pop, which is what you hear most on Chilean radio. At the time when we started making music, we just didn’t care if something was good or bad, we just took from wherever,” the artist said.
Anwandter has been gaining attention in the United States all year, having played a series of shows in Los Angeles and New York City in July 2012, and two nights of performances at the South by Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas in March.
You can catch the artist performing in Santiago, Chile next month at the Primavera Fauna Festival November 24, 2012.