Chile’s Concha y Toro is the eighth largest wine company in the world

The main destinations for the largest producer of Chilean wines in 2009 were the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States, followed by Latin America and Asia.

Casona y Parque Viña Concha y Toro

Chilean wines continue to increase in exports and prestige around the world. The Chilean winemaker Concha y Toro, the largest one in the country, ranked in the select group of the 10 largest wine companies in the world at the end of 2009. Specifically, the company ranked eighth, with a sales volume of over 26 million cases.

In the third quarter of last year alone, Concha y Toro’s shipments increased 22%. The main destination for the company’s wines continues to be the United Kingdom, with 29.7% of total sales abroad.

Europe, without including the United Kingdom, ranks second. The old continent receives 24% of exports, followed by the United States with 18%. Latin America follows with 14%, while Asia and Africa together receive 9.4%, an amount that represents a 15% increase compared to 2008.

The Concha y Toro office in Shanghai is of vital importance to the increase in the volume of sales to Asia, receiving 1.2 million cases in 2009, equivalent to 7.2% of total exports to the continent.

For its part, the United Kingdom received a total of 4.4 million cases, while the amount distributed to Nordic countries totaled 1.4 million cases and Brazil accumulated 700,000 cases.

In Chile, Concha y Toro ranks first in the market, with 31.5% participation, followed by the vineyards Santa Rita (28.9%) and San Pedro de Tarapacá, with 22.2%.

The ranking, which was presented at the 14th Annual Conference of Santander Latin America, is led by the US companies Constellation, E&J Gallo and The Wine Group.