Chile’s first 3D film set to frighten and intrigue

Whispers of the Forest, the latest horror film by Jorge Olguin, looks to be the country’s first 3D feature.


The latest project by Chilean director Jorge Olguín, picked up by Santiago-based producer Florencia Larrea of the Kiné production studio, plans to make audiences jump in their seats using intense 3D visuals, a first for Chilean film.

The movie, Gritos del bosque or Whispers of the Forest, was filmed in southern Chile in 2012 and is expected to hit theatres later this year. Among its cast are Argentinian actor Paulo Brunetti and Chilean television star Tiago Correa.

The film’s director, Jorge Olguín, is well known in his home country for his various films in the ∫ genres. He made his presence known in Chilean film with 2000’s  Ángel negro, a low budget slasher flick credited as being the country’s first horror film.

Olguín’s latest project is loosely based on Chilean mythology and “centers on an expeditionary team that awakens an ancient supernatural force” according to ScreenDaily.

Chile’s Fondo De Fomento Audiovisual has backed the film, set to be Chile’s first 3D feature. Producer Florencia Larrea of Kiné was at the Cannes film festival promoting the movie. She spoke of he added challenges of filming in 3D.

““It’s a longer process,” Larrea said. “The 3D format is very sensory and sound is so important as you build the effects around the visuals.”

The Santiago-based producer is also working with Olguin on his next zombie flick, The Summer Hit, set to start filming next year in Chile, Uruguay, and Brazil.

“There is a lot of cinema now in Chile,” Larrea said. “But we have to work more with private investors or brands [for funding] because now is the moment in Chilean cinema and our filmmakers are telling great stories, people have more choice.”

Whispers of the Forest is currently in post-production with projected release dates for later this year.