Chile’s joy after finding miners alive spreads to the world

International press highlights emotion in Chile when 33 trapped workers are found alive.


The emotion felt by an entire country when the miners were found alive, became the cover story of most of the main media in the world. The New York Times had the story on its front cover, stressing the spontaneous celebration after the news emerged. «About 200 people gathered in the center of the capital, Santiago, waving flags to celebrate. Drivers honked their horns and people applauded in restaurants». The Huffington Post featured a headline saying: “MIRACLE: 33 Miners in Chile Miners Found Alive After Being Trapped For 17 Days «.

El Pais from Spain published on its cover: «The 33 miners trapped 700 meters underground in Chile are still alive». La Nación from Argentina puts on front page “They’re alive!: after 17 days trapped, the miners are still safe”, adding that «the president of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, showed in a press conference the paper the miners sent after the drill reached the place where they are buried. »

The newspaper El País from Uruguay, features the phrase written on a paper by the miners: «All 33 of us are OK, in the shelter» and El Comercio from Peru reports that the 33 trapped miners are alive 17 days after their disappearance, adding that «they had stuck the note to a tube which had gone down 600 meters to rescue them.»

Argentinian newspaper Clarin headlines with “Miracle in Chile: the trapped miners are alive”, while La Razón, also from Argentina, writes: “Chile: miners trapped for 17 days showed signs of life”, and says that «from now on we will start the physical rescue of the miners, a task that can take several months. »

BBC’s front page read “Miners trapped in Chile mine for 17 days are alive”, while Reuters reports “Trapped Chile miners alive but long rescue ahead”.

TVNZ has the information on the cover, as well as ABC News and France 24 which headlines with “Miners trapped for two weeks still alive send up message”.

Spanish newspaper El Mundo wrote “Miners trapped for 17 days in Chile are still alive”, presenting President Sebastián Piñera’s statements: «This news surfaced today from the depths of the mountain, from the deepest part of this mine. The message our miners wrote says they are alive”.