Chile’s Lago Pehoé named among world’s most beautiful lakes

This stunning lake tucked away in the equally mesmerizing Torres del Paine National Park was recognized by the Huffington Post as a must see, and for good reason.

A turquoise jewel sitting just beneath the iconic Paine Massif, Lago Pehoé will take any visitor’s breath away. The glacial water brought into the lake by the Paine river looks painted as it changes with the rising and setting sun from teals to purples to ambers.

It is no wonder this awe-inspiring view has caught the eye of travel guides and tourists alike— most recently claiming a spot on the Huffington Post Travel list of the twenty most beautiful lakes in the world.

The lake may not be the easiest to get to, but as the Huffington Post explains, the trip is worth the travel.

“It takes a few long plane rides and a bumpy transfer on mostly dirt roads to get to Pehoe Lake in Chilean Patagonia, but the magnificence that awaits you is worth it,” the article reads. “Backed by the out-of-this-world beauty of the Torres Del Paine range (and part of the national park of the same name), this stunning lake is saturated with such deep shades of lavender at sunrise and tangerine at sunset that it’s almost unbelievable.”

The lake is frequented by local guanacos — cute camelids who graze on the grasses and native flora along Lago Pehoé’s edges. Lucky visitors might also spot ñandus or rheas — indigenous flightless birds, similar in appearance to an ostrich — or perhaps even a magnificent Chilean Condor soaring above with its iconic and impressive wings spread point to point. The majestic national bird is a favorite among tourists and locals alike and the park is one of its preferred habitats.

Found within the famous Torres del Paine National Park — recently named the 8th wonder of the world — Lago Pehoé is reachable via Puerto Natales or from one of the accommodations within or just outside the park limits.