Chile’s Los Jaivas play Lollapalooza 2012, plan national tour

Iconic folk-rock band prepares for their 50th anniversary tour after playing concerts in New York, Chicago and Miami.

Los Jaivas indicate plans for nationwide 50th anniversary tour in 2013. Photo courtesy of Los Jaivas / Facebook.
Los Jaivas indicate plans for nationwide 50th anniversary tour in 2013. Photo courtesy of Los Jaivas / Facebook.

In 2013, Los Jaivas, an internationally renowned Chilean folk and progressive rock band will celebrate their 50th anniversary with a national tour, release of an unedited recording on CD and vinyl, commemorative books and 3D documentary.

Commonly considered Chile’s oldest rock band, Los Jaivas have designated August 15, 2013 as their official anniversary for five decades of rock. Los Jaivas plan to commemorate the date with a concert in front of the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, in downtown Santiago.

Earlier this month, Los Jaivas brought their distinctive Andean-rooted activist folk rock to Lollapalooza 2012 in Chicago. They were the sole Chilean music group to perform at this year’s festival. Los Jaivas also played a concert in New York and will finish their U.S. tour with a concert in Miami, on August 10.

Upon returning to Chile, Los Jaivas will begin preparations for a nationwide tour. The band’s expectations for this tour leave no doubt as to Los Jaivas devotion to Chile and their fans. Drummer Juanita Parra told La Tercera that “the idea is to tour all of Chile, we would like to return to places like Juan Fernández and Isla Rapa Nui (Easter Island),” referring to Chile’s Pacific islands, which include Robinson Crusoe Island  – yes, the one commonly thought to have inspired the novel by the same name.

Heightening expectations, Bassist Mario Mutis added that they plan to incorporate 3D technology into the concerts.

Such grandiose plans would be unthinkable for most bands, but Los Jaivas are no stranger to significant challenges and have a history that very much sets them apart from the status quo.

Band History

Los Jaivas date back to 1963 when they first made a name for themselves playing shows and concerts in Viña del Mar.

They stayed together during Chile’s military dictatorship, taking refuge in Argentina and then in 1977, relocated again to France.

Over the years, Los Jaivas have undergone unique changes to band membership. In 1988, drummer Gabriel Parra passed away and was replaced by his daughter and present-day drummer, Juanita Parra.

In 2003, front man and Chilean musical pioneer, Eduardo “Gato” Alquinta also passed away and was replaced by his three sons: Ankatu (guitar), Eloy (saxophone) and Aurora (vocals). Of the three, Ankatu is the only sibling that continues to perform with the group.

Los Jaivas have truly stood the test of time. Having faced uncontrollable external and internal challenges with innovation and creativity, today, Los Jaivas embody a living legacy.

Upcoming Tour Information

Dates and locations for their 50th anniversary tour have not yet been released. Check the bands official website for news as updated information becomes available.