Chile’s Marble Cathedral: the world’s most beautiful caves?

Britain’s The Daily Mail takes a look at Chile’s marble caves on the shores of South America’s second largest freshwater lake, General Carrera, in Patagonia.  


“An azure temple created by nature, the walls of this network of water-filled marble caverns shows just how magnificent the precious geography our planet can be,” wrote The Daily Mail in a recent report on Las Cavernas de Marmol (The Marble Caverns).


Las Cavernas de Marmol are a series of marble caves on the shores of Lake General Carrera, in central Patagonia. The striking patterns of the marbled stone are reflected in the crystal blue waters of the glacial lake, forming a photography student’s dream assignment.


Indeed, photography students have traveled from around the world to study in the natural classroom, many under the tutelage of U.S. photographer Linde Waidehofer.


“Since 2003, I have taken many photography students into the caverns and it is always the highlight of their South American voyage,” Waidehofer said.


“The experience is always different because both the light and the water level of the lake are continually changing… The water itself can vary from turquoise to deep blue depending on the weather and the time of year.”


Las Cavernas de Marmol are a group of three formations, the largest of which is El Catedral (The Cathedral), followed by La Capilla (The Chapel) and La Cueva (The Cave). La Capilla actually rises from the lake, in a striking geological formation that captures the imagination.


Whether you’re headed to Patagonia for a backpacking adventure, a luxury cruise, or a week at a fishing lodge on this world-class trout and salmon lake, it would be a shame to miss the opportunity to explore these marble caves, one of the natural world’s most astonishing beauties.