Chile’s picturesque Aysén Region hosts new photography festival

The city of Coyhaique will welcome expert and ameutuer photographers alike in event highlighting beauty of the area.

Chile’s inaugural International Festival of Photography of Patagonia 2014 (FIFP) is set to take place from Feb. 14 – 16 across three sites in Coyhaique — located in the mountainous Aysén Region to the south of the country.

The public and ameteur photographers are invited to participate alongside professionals by submitting their own images highlighting the beauty of Chile.

Coyhaique is a small town of around 60,000 people located in Chile’s Aysén Region, about 900 miles (1,500 km) south of Santiago. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, lush green fields, and dozens of rivers — Coyhaique is a photographer’s dream.

Aysén venues Centro Cultural de Coyhaique, Galpon Fotografico and General Parra — all located within easy walking distance of each other — will each host a series of talks, presentations and exhibitions exploring photography as a form of artistic expression.

A collection of photographers, documentary makers and museum curators will be sharing advice and expertise with audiences. The event will kick off Friday evening with “35º Salón Fotoperiodismo” at the Centro Cultural de Coyhaique.

Jonah Gomez, director of the festival, explained that the event is only possible with the support of government agencies, private companies and local individuals. He also praised the festival for bringing like-minded people together.

“As photographers we will be sharing, learning and exploring all that Chile has to offer during the festival,” Gomez said.

Felipe Coddou, director of Área Nacional de Fotografía CNCA, will be hosting “35º Salón Fotoperiodismo”. The photographer boasts an impressive resumé having published a book named “La Vega” — a collection of photographs detailing the relationship between people and food — centered around the famous La Vega market in Santiago.

The Chilean was also a finalist at 2010’s Internacional Galería Cero photo-competition in Madrid.

Saturday will see two events, again, both occurring at the Centro Cultural de Coyhaique. From 10 a.m to 1:30 p.m photographers Claudio Frías, Fabián España and Juan Gonzáles will make up the panel responsible for judging the images submitted by the public.

“The public will be able to hang their own images in the exhibition space — the panel, made up of professional photographers, will then choose the best three photographs, all of which will win a prize,” Katherine Traeger, FIFP press officer, told This Is Chile.

“The very best photograph will then be chosen at 6:30 pm Sunday and the winner will be announced in our press release — which will receive wide coverage all over Chile.”

Sunday evening will draw the festival to a close with a viewing of “Desilusiones” — an exhibition by panel member España.

For further information and details on how to enter visit the festival website.