Chile’s Pisco industry poised to take on the United States

The Ministry of Agriculture, along with public and private sponsors, is investing more than US$1.6 million to take the beverage to international markets.


Chile’s Pisco industry has good conditions at the start of 2011 to launch a new branding strategy in New York, according to a report that looked at the progress of an initiative financed by Chile’s Ministry of Agriculture.

The Program of Territorial Innovation (PIT) called Nuestro Pisco (Our Pisco) comprises the regions of Atacama and Coquimbo, where the grape-producing valleys are that form Chile’s Pisco heartland. The program is valued at US$1,633,979.

Among its partners are some of the major Pisco industries, trade associations, cooperatives, marketing and regional public bodies. Direct beneficiaries are 2,800 farmers, 80 percent of whom are invested in producing Pisco.

According to an El Mercurio interview with Loreto Burgos, head of innovation at Chile’s Foundation for Agrarian Innovation (FIA), the results of the study indicated that «there are favorable conditions that can be exploited: the good distribution channels and positioning that Chilean wine and gourmet food already have in the market, and that Chilean produce is highly valued by factors such as tradition, origin and quality.”

Ties between New York and Chile have been strengthening in recent months, as a string of cultural and industry initiatives have been playing out between the two. Shortly before the New York Times voted Santiago as a number 1 destination for tourists in 2011, emerging craftwork artists from Chile went on display in a new Manhattan display house.

Technological innovation was also put on the pedestal last December in the Big Apple, as five top Chilean companies, including biotech firm Aguamarina, presented cutting-edge technologies in the store Puro Chile.

Burgos added that entering the U.S. is important for any food or drink, because America is a brand market and has marked trends in consumption patterns.

Pisco’s arrival into New York is being received by a supporting program PiscoSpirits and the Chilean Government branch Corfo’s sector-specific framework committee.