Chile’s top 10 wines, according to The Wine Advocate

Local vintages received excellent reviews by the influential publication, owned by leading critic Robert Parker.

Viña Errázuriz’s Viñedo Chadwick 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon and Concha y Toro’s Carmín de Peumo 2007 Carmenere rank as the best wines in Chile, according to a review by the influential and trusted trade publication The Wine Advocate.

Hailing from the Maipo and Cachapoal valleys, respectively, the two Chilean wines each received 96 out of 100 points, earning them “extraordinary” reviews from the publication owned by leading U.S. wine critic Robert Parker.

According to The Wine Advocate’s rating system, wines deemed “extraordinary” with ratings of 96 points or more exhibit a “profound and complex character displaying all the attributes expected of a classic wine of its variety. Wines of this caliber are worth a special effort to find, purchase, and consume.”

This is the third time Carmín de Peumo has earned one of the top scores among Chilean wines and the label “extraordinary,” with the 2003 and 2005 vintages each earning 97 points in past rankings – the highest score ever received by a Chilean wine, according to Concha y Toro.

The Wine Advocate’s Jay Miller conducted the massive tasting in Chile in 2011, and the results were published in March 2012. Chilean wines continue to score excellently, with 591 wines receiving 85 or more points; 200 receiving at least 90 points; and a hundred passing 91 points.

The Carignan grape also did well in the rankings with impressive scores of over 90 points, noted Chilean wine publication La Cav. Its strong performance led Miller to describe the varietal as “Chile’s big secret.”

Here are the top 10 wines from the rankings:

Viñedo Chadwick (Errázuriz)
Cabernet Sauvingon 2008 (96 points)

Carmín de Peumo (Concha y Toro)
Carmenere 2007 (96 points)

Montes Folly (Montes)
Syrah 2007 (95 points)

Carmín de Peumo (Concha y Toro)
Carmenere 2008 (95 points)

Viña Seña
Seña 2008 (95 points)

Concha y Toro
Don Melchor 2007 (94+ points)

Alpha M 2007 (94 points)

Viña Tabalí
Payén Syrah 2007 (94 points)

Von Siebenthal Toknar
Petit Verdot 2007 (94 points)

Altazor Red Blend 2007 (93+ points)

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