Chile’s trade surplus up by over 150% in January

High copper prices on international markets and a more stable international financial outlook go a long way toward explaining these positive results.


Chile’s trade balance registered a surplus of US$ 2.0747 billion, an amount that represents a 151.8% increase compared to the US$ 827.9 million registered during the same month in 2009.

This spectacular increase is due in great part to the high price of copper, the country’s main export product, and the less complicated economic conditions affecting international markets compared to the same period last yar.

Thus, the total value of exports during the first month of the year totals US$ 5.87 billion, an increase of almost 50% compared to the US$ 3.92 billion in January 2009, while imports increased by 22. 9%.

This data was released by the Central Bank, which also reported that Chile’s trade balance last year had accumulated a surplus of US$ 13.3162 billion after exports worth US$ 53.0241 billion and imports for US$ 39.7079 billion.

Meanwhile, the country’s international reserves practically did not change, as the US$ 24.95 billion is only slightly less than last December, when Chile had US$ 25.73 billion.

These results are further confirmation of the economic recovery in Chile, one of the first countries in the region to leave the financial recession behind it thanks to its responsible and prudent macroeconomic management, which has even been highlighted by important international organizations.