Chile’s Viña del Mar rewarded for its weather

In a list ranking the best climates in the world, the Chilean resort city of Viña del Mar was top of the table.

Viña del Mar was elected as having the best climate in the world G. Küppers (JordiCubero)/WikiCommons
Viña del Mar was elected as having the best climate in the world G. Küppers (JordiCubero)/WikiCommons

Beating out locations such as Morocco, Barcelona and the Canary Islands, Chilean resort city Viña del Marwas proclaimed as having the best climate for living. In a piece by photographer and writer Ed Darack for Weatherwise Magazine, Viña del Mar was described as being “globally renowned for its white sand beaches” and “absolutely beautiful weather”.

Aside from the sunny days and limited rainfall, Darack also noted that the coastal city is “free from the threat of ferocious cyclonic storms and tornadoes.”

The ranking used a number of criteria, including average high and low temperatures as well as the number of cloudy days, in order to find “humanity’s hypothetical optimal weather place.”

Las Palmas, the largest city in the Canary Islands, came in second followed by Morocco’s northwest coast. Sassari, on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia was next on the list, with Barcelona, Lisbon and San Diego next.

The ranking was rounded out by three destinations in the Southern Hemisphere. Adelaide on South Africa’s Coastal Western Cape was ranked eighth with the Manjimup region in southwest Western Australia finishing the list.

Virginia Reginato, mayor of Viña del Mar pointed to the natural elements as well as a strong planning structure as reasons why the city is top of the rankings for climate.

“This is a new recognition for beautiful Viña del Mar, which values its natural attributes as some of the best in the world,” she said to El Proa. “This is going to strengthen our positioning as an ideal city to live, study, visit or work in,”

The garden city leader added that the culture of the city helps keep it clean and welcoming.

“Since its foundation, Viña del Mar has developed a community that is respectful of the environment and in its planning, where the gardens, green spaces and parks are protagonists.”

The beachside location as well as its proximity to the bohemian hub Valparaíso and the capital Santiago make Viña del Mar an ideal place for both residents and tourists. Viña del Mar has previously been recognized on both national and international platforms as one of Chile’s leading cities to live and visit.