Chiloé is the third most important world tourism destination to get to know in 2009

The island in Chile was only surpassed by Tasmania and the Basque Country  in the list of  the most hip emerging tourist destinations on the planet.


The Trauco no longer seduces just careless virgins. These days, this mythological legend is attracting the attention of international travelers as well. And so Chiloé has become the third best vacation destination in the world for 2009, according to the list prepared by the famous tourist guidebook Lonely Planet.

The island of Chiloé and its archipelago, surpassed in the ranking only by Tasmania and the Basque Country, is showcased by Lonely Planet for its recently inaugurated ecological reserves, beautiful wilderness spots and many adventures. Among the things to do that are “a must”: navigating in fishing boats or sea kayaking, enjoying outdoor lamb-roasts and visiting the Puñihuil penguin colony in a crewed wooden cruiser like the Cahuella.

The travel book also especially highlights the legends that are told about the island, such as the «virgin-seducing troll of Chilote myth» and the «ghost ships sailing in the night». They are clear allusions to the Trauco and the Caleuche, respectively.

Other notable attractions pointed out by Lonely Planet are Pumalín National Park, Chiloé’s shingled churches and Museum of Modern Art.

Lonely Planet is a guidebook giant in world travel and caters to backpackers and low-budget tourists as well.