Chiloe’s Gastronomy

The traditional food of Chiloe is not only a pleasure for the palate, it’s also a reflection of their culture and traditions.

Harured | Flickr
Harured | Flickr

Chiloé Archipelago stands out for its great cultural value. Its beautiful churches, which are considered World Heritage, its landscapes flooded with native flora and fauna, and the crafts made with wool are just a few of the many things that have turned Chiloe into one of the most visited places by turists. Among the many traditions of this area, its gastronomy knows how to delight those who visit it and that is why we want to point out some of its more traditional dishes.


The first step for a traditional curanto is to dig a hole on the ground, where you must put several hot stones and light up pieces of dried wood (they can be put under or over the stones). When the stones are hot, the ember must be removed and the food put over the stones. You can cook shellfish, meat, cold meat, potatoes, «chapaleles» and «milcaos». Everything is covered with «pangues» (nalca leaves) and after a couple of hours everything is cooked.


It is a dough created with grated potatoes and wheat flour. It can be cooked in water, inside a pressure cooker or by the steam of the curanto. Among the many variations of «chapalele» there is the possibility of adding chicharrones, or serve them with honey during the «once».


It is a dough created with grated and squeezed potatoes, mixed with grinded cooked potatoes. After the dough is formed you must add salt and pork chicharrones inside. To finish, you add butter in order to make it firm. It can be cooked in a curanto, fried in oil, in hot butter or water.

Cazuela Chilota

There are two different varieties for this dish. The first one consists of a dried mussel soup, potatoes and cabbages, although it can also be added some «piure» and vegetables. The other version is a soup made with meat and lamb entrails, adding peas, potatoes and «luche» (a type of seaweed).


It is a dough similar to the one formed when preparing «milcao», but the cooking is different. The dough is stretched in a cylindrical piece of timber and cooked as if it was a roast in a stick. Traditionally, you can also add chicharrones to the mixture.

Lloco or Yoco

Traditional dish made during the killing of a pork. It consist of butter cooked meat, accompanied with potatoes, «prietas», doughnut and sometimes «sopaipillas».


Made with a base of raw or cooked flour, mixed with apples or red currant, adding sugar and water to the mixture. As a replacement of the flour you can also use roasted wheat or «chuño».