City of Coquimbo develops new rural tourism route

The initiative seeks to reclaim historic locations in the area and to train small farmers so they can implement a new business model.


The Productive Development Department of the Municipality of Coquimbo is designing a process aimed at opening a niche in rural tourism and giving a further boost to the attractions in the areas of Pan de Azúcar, Tambillos, Las Barrancas and Las Cardas.

Specifically, the program will create a tourist route that will help small farmers in the region to promote the quality of the soil, the beauty of the century-old manor homes and the typical customs and traditions in the region.

“We have worked on this initiative based on these four places in Coquimbo. The idea is to create a territorial productive unit, which in practice means that we are going to develop a route to create an identity for the area,” stated Gastón Díaz, deputy coordinator of the municipal Productive Development Department.

The initiative is the product of the coordinated international work that the municipal administration has engaged in after participating in the Ibero-American Union of Municipalities, an event that was held last May.

According to the plan, the project will be implemented within a period of three years, together with 60 producers from rural areas. They will receive training that will allow them to better implement their businesses, thus facilitating the opening of a rural tourism route.

The plan also seeks to reclaim historic areas to incentivize the arrival of foreign tourists. There has already been some progress along these lines, such as the Hacienda Venus, located in Pan de Azúcar, which is of high architectural value and where traditional celebrations are held, such as for example threshing wheat with horses.