Cloud-based business SendGrid comes to Chile

In a partnership with Start-Up Chile, SendGrid – an online email delivering service – opens   operations in Chile with an eye towards the Latin American market. 

SendGrid will begin operations in the Chile with an eye towards expanding into the Latin American market, the company announced. The company will join in a partnership with Start-Up Chile, the country’s innovative funding program for new businesses.
Sendgrid hopes to service what CEO Jim Franklin called a, “maturing technology market in Chile” as well as offer a partnership with Start-Up Chile, where startups would receive six months of SendGrid services free.
SendGrid is a U.S. based company that helps businesses confirm that the emails they send to their clients are received. According to SendGrid founder Isaac Saldana, about 20 percent of emails get caught by spam filters or simply go missing.
The company currently provides its service to 70,000 companies in diverse industries, both large and small. Some of their most well-known clients include Pinterest, Foursquare, Slideshare, Hootsuite, and Spotify. Currently SendGrid traffics over 6 billion emails a month, a number that continues to grow.
Franklin explained why the company had taken an interest in Chile.
“Chile’s globally-recognized Start-Up Chile program brought awareness to the greater startup community and tremendous talent the country has to offer,” he said in an online statement.
“We have already seen amazing growth from our Chilean-based customers and are excited to be supporting and accelerating the growth of the companies in the market,” Franklin added.
Founded in 2009, SendGrid was pioneered by 3 developers – Isaac Saldana, Jose Lopez and Tim Jenkins. The idea for the company arose when the three programmers grew frustrated at the fact that many of the emails they sent were not received. SendGrid’s cloud-based program hopes to address this challenge.
About Start-Up Chile
Start-Up Chile is an innovative initiative for budding businesses funded by the Chilean government. In 2010, the program launched its pilot phase and provided 22 startups from 14 different countries each with US$40,000 (CH$ 800,000). Two years after the trail run, Start-Up Chile has funded hundreds of initiatives and just completed its sixth generation funding round.  For more information about Start-Up Chile and information on how to submit your own startup for review, visit their website.