CNN Travel ranks Chileans as world’s best tourists

In a humorous piece, journalist Barry Neild ranked the best travelers internationally by nationality, and Chile came in first.

In a humorous and light-hearted editorial, CNN Travel journalist Barry Neild provided a sidesplitting rundown of the world’s best travelers. According to Neild, Chileans are the best world travelers, ranking number one on his ten-country list.

For each nationality mentioned, Neild highlights the identifying travel feature, commendable habits, and (of course) shortcomings.

Chileans, he wrote, are “chilled-out … true travelers, relishing the journey as much as the destination.”

When describing the virtues of Chilean travelers, Neild declares that there are, “too many to recount.”

Admittedly, Neild garnered his information on Chilean travelers from one experience with an amazing Chilean women who, “despite a year of budget traveling, never once complained.

Neild’s European companion, on the other hand, “whined constantly and haggled over every cent.”

What’s the only downside of Chilean travelers according to Neild?

Too easygoing. Should have dumped the Euro whiner long ago. Preferably in a ditch.”

Following Chile, Germans ranked in second place, trumpeted for having “an innate love of the outdoors and a curiosity about other cultures that frequently takes them beyond the beaches of Europe.” While Neild signs praises of Germans, he also admits that “the diminutive swimwear has got to go.”

Other nationalities to make the list include Americans, Swedes, Japanese, Italians, Australians, Chinese, English, and Canadians.

Canadians, who ranked last on the list, were described as “such polite, earnest people that you actually root for their hockey team to beat yours in international competitions.”

The English made the list because, “if you buy them a beer — or even suggest it — they’ll be your friend for life.” The Chinese were included for being “willing and very able to eat anything you put in front of them … and appreciate it like a local.” And Australians were celebrated for their “infectious laid-back nature.”

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