Chile is the country with the largest proportion of cellular phones in Latin America and an extensive network of call centers.


Chile has today approximately a population of 16 million inhabitants and there are 14.8 million mobile phone subscribers, which makes the country a leader in Latin America in the use of wireless telecommunications.

One of every two Chilean used frequently the Internet in 2008 (48%), an amount equivalent to European countries like Czech Republic and Hungary. The country is a world leader in the use of Facebook and other social networks and the broadband use is comparable to developed countries. According to official data, 32% of the households had dedicated connections.

There has also been an increase of electronic paymentp. 28% of the Chileans made online transactions and the amount of these in 2009 is expected to be worth more than US$ 400 million.

Long distance telephone services

In addition to mobile telephone services and others offered by the Internet, such as Skype, which allows making calls anywhere in the world, there is a diverse number of telephone companies and call centers, in addition to cybercafés.  Carriers are sued to make a long distance phone call from Chile, national as well as international. The system allows users to use the telephone company or carrier of their choice, thus gaining access to multiple benefits. Below is a list of companies that offer long distance telephone services:

– ENTEL: 123
– Telefónica: 188
– VTR 111
– Telmex: 171
– Carrier 155: 155
– GTD Manquehue: 122

– To access international long-distance calls, it is necesessary to dial: 0 + carrier + country code + city code + destination phone.

– To call to Chile from abroad you must dial code 56.  To access the national long distance calls, dial: carrier + area code + destination phone.

The area codes of cities in Chile can be found in the following list of