Concession regulations and rules

The conditions for promoting a development project related to the use of state lands essentially has to do with fulfilling the predetermined purposes in the land tender process.


The calls for tender that the Ministry of National Assets issues are in line with the official desire to facilitate private investment in certain parts of Chile with lower levels of development. To this end, first the type of use that the lands should be given is determined, depending on their characteristics.

The processes are covered by the provisions of Legal Decree 1,939 (DL 1,939, in Spanish), which regulates the acquisition and administration of assets belonging to the Chilean state. This legislation sets out the formal part of the process (administrative steps) and details certain restrictions, such as for example those affecting lands on the border, which cannot be acquired by citizens of other countries.

However, there are broad possibilities once everything that cannot be done or touched has been defined, under the guidance of National Assets, to develop successful projects of diverse types on state land.

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The administration, acquisition, provision, and sale of state property come under the jurisdiction of the National Assets Division. The chief of this unit is Hector Soto Aravena ( For its part, the investment promotion program is led by Angélica Palacios ( The team is completed by Jaqueline Alluanlli ( and Ernesto González (
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