Contemporary art gallery ships its way around central Chile

A shipping container decked out as a modern art show is taking a series of free exhibitions and performances around the Metropolitan Region. 

Contemporary art galleries are typically associated with imposing colonial buildings or chic urban spaces and generally appeal to a certain artistic set.
But Chile’s Sala De Carga in Chile is shaking up those preconceptions, decking out a shipping container to take the works of young artists to public places in small towns in the Metropolitan Region and to the popular barrios of the Chilean capital.
Six separate exhibitions show diverse artistic disciplines … and best of all, they’re free.
The first was held in the Plaza de Armas of the small city of Melipilla, between May 22 to 30. Nearly 2,000 people visited the container to see its textile and video installations, paintings and photographs, and the wide range of events that include dance, music and artist talks.
For director Joselyne Contreras, it was a more than satisfactory opening.
“It was our debut and we achieved a successful start. People of distinct ages visited us, people with broad education and others not so, office workers, students, construction workers, housewives, children with special abilities as well, and all of them got together and discussed these different artistic expressions,” she said.
The next show will be held in the Plaza de Armas of Talagante, south of Santiago, from June 8 until June 17, followed by Isla de Maipo from June 29 until July 8, before the container travels to Santiago for shows in Estación Central, Pedro Aguirre Cerda and Santiago Central.
Set up in plazas or public passways, the bright orange container – built in the United States in 1992 – has a dimension of 39.5 feet (12 mt) by 7 feet 10 inches ( 2.4 mt).
Sala De Carga is supported by the Fondo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes (“National Foundation of Culture and the Arts”) and the Department of Visual Arts of the Universidad de Chile.
For more information, see the official website.