Contemporary photography

From the risky registration of the street, a generation of photographers explored new languages and brought them to the art galleries.


In the 1980s, photographers took to the streets to register scenes of a dictatorship that came to forbid the publication of all images.

Without giving up on the capture of urgent information, they joined in a search of esthetic transcendence and cultural memory, creating a movement in which nudes, portraits or landscape photography coexisted with the documentary registry and the unending search for new forms of photographic language.

Thus, the works by consolidated artists like Sergio Larraín, Antonio Quintana, Luis Ladrón de Guevara, Luis Poirot and those by artists like Marcelo Montecino, Claudio Perez, the brothers Alvaro and Alejandra Hoppe, Kena Lorenzini, Luis Navarro and others mentioned in the documentary record coexist. They are joined by other graphic artists who have obtained distinctions like the Guggenheim Grant.

This is the case of Paz Errázuriz, Claudio Bertoni, also a poet, and Patrick Hamilton, who in 2008 was elected by the London magazine Contemporary as one of the 50 best international photographers of the time for his photomontages.