Discover the amazing National Parks of Chile

Areas in charge of protecting the flora and fauna of our country, and that constantly surprise us with their beautiful and unique landscapes. From north to south, these ecosystems invite us to enjoy the marvels of nature.

Parques nacionales Chile

Chile owns an amazing geographical diversity, embracing different climates and ecosystems present in the planet. Natural frontiers, such as the Pacific ocean or the Andes, have an important influence over the flora. That is why our territory has more than 100 national parks, reserves and natural monuments; captivating with their flora, fauna and geography.

Here we give you a list of some of the National Parks of our country, all of them worth visiting:

Lauca National Park

Originally created as a Forestry Reserve, since 1970 this place is considered as a National Park. It embraces more that 100.000 hectares of the pre Andes and the Andes plateau, where you can find the Chungará lake with its beautiful emerald waters, along with volcanos and mountains. Inside the park it is possible to access the village of Parinacota; a place of religious and ceremonial relevance, due to its buildings that have been preserved since the XVII century.

Nevado Tres Cruces National Park

Without any doubt the biggest attraction of this park of the Atacama Region is the Nevado Ojos del Salado volcano, at 6.891,3 meters above sea level, it is the highest volcano in the world. Even though the flora of this park is scarce due to the climate, it is possible to find yaretas and grass, besides guanacos and vicuñas.

Bosque Fray Jorge National Park

This area was specifically created to protect one of the most unique ecosystems of the country, the Fray Jorge forest. A humid and rainy environment, that exists due to the effect that the camanchaca has upon the territory. The park offers the unique opportunity of jumping from one type of climate, which is desertic and dry, to one that is surrounded by plants and trees that are worthy of a southern landscape.

Laguna del Laja National Park

This area was originally inhabited by the Pehuenches. Today it attracts tourists mainly because of its mountains that are perfect for trekking. Due to the many violent volcanic eruptions that took place in the area, today the flora is quite limited and therefore concentrated in small “ciprés de la cordillera” forests. In terms of fauna, it stands out for the protection of more than 40 bird species that nest in the park.

Conguillio National Park

Being one of the most visited places in our country, its major attraction is the landscape; containing many lagoons, the magnificent Llaima volcano and a flora that embraces different species, such as coihue, cipres de la cordillera and over all, araucarias. It is a landscape that resembles the time when dinosaurs ruled the earth. Those that seek for amazing views in this park, can walk the Sierra Nevada path, since, from the top of the volcanic range, it is possible to see a panoramic view of the volcano, the Conguillio lake and the endless araucarias.

Torres del Paine National Park

Internationally recognized, this park which is located in the southern part of our country attracts thousands of tourists each year, 70% of them corresponding to international visitors. Among the geographical characteristics that attract the public, are the famous mountains and rocky formations “Torres del Paine” and “Cuernos del Paine”. It is possible to see these places through different official routes, that also allow to enjoy the view of different lakes, rivers and falls, along with its typical fauna; guanacos, foxes, huemuls, condors and pumas.

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