Disney to make Chilean film inspired by Chiloé ghost ship legend

The feature-length movie will star Brazilian-Mexican actress Giselle Itié and will be directed by Chilean Jorge Olguín.

Giselle Itié

Disney has announced plans for a film based on the story of a mythical ghost ship that is said to sail around the Chiloé archipelago in southern Chile.

Based on one of the region’s most popular legends, Caleuche: El Llamado del Mar (“Caleuche: Call of the Sea”) will tell the story of Caleuche, a ghost ship with bright lights and partying noises that is sailed by drowning victims. The local myth states that the ship’s crew is transported to the ship by two mermaids and their brother.

Found on the northern edge of Chilean Patagonia, the Chiloé archipleago is well known for its many distinctive myths and legends which still play an important part in daily life.

The Chilean film will star Mexican-Brazilian actress Giselle Itié who appeared in Sylvester Stallone’s 2010 Hollywood movie, The Expendables, and HBO’s Brazilian television series, Mandrake.

“This is a very personal project, almost like a dream for me, because it’s a story that I have been passionate about since I was a child,” Chilean director Jorge Olguín told La Tercera.

According to the Chilean daily, the feature film will have a big production budget with high quality special effects, including several replica fishing boats which will be built in Santiago.

The film, which has informally been referred to as a Latin version of The Pirates of the Carribbean franchise, will have an ambitious set that will push the boundaries of Chilean cinema.

Filming on the project is set to take place between November while December and Olguín hopes the movie will be ready to launch in June 2012.

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