Documentary about the Chilean surfer Ramón Navarro’s Life arrived to North American Cinemas

The film already had its world premiere in Pichilemu town on March 26th.

Ramón Navarro
Imagen: Redbull

The Fisherman’s Son”, the documentary about the Chilean surfer Ramón Navarro was premiered in North America on April, 8th. This took place only a couple of days after its world premiere on March 26th in Pichilemu, coastal town in the sixth region of Chile, located a few kilometers away from Punta de Lobos, considered as one of the surf capitals of the world.

Navarro has participated in many competitions in the country and overseas, for example in the “RIDE OF THE YEAR” competition of BILLABONG XXL, 2010, where he finished second place.

The documentary is about the surfer, who was born in Pichilemu and is the son of a fisherman. Navarro has become one of the most important Chilean surf exponent worldwide. The film was shot by the actor, director, and surfer Chris Malloy and produced by Patagonia, a California brand which specialises in outdoor sportswear, of which Navarro is an international ambassador.

The production will also be present in film festivals of Europe and Japan after finishing its tour in the United States. You can watch the trailer here: