Domain .cl is the safest in Latin America

The positive ranking is especially due to the professionalism of NIC Chile, the institution in charge of administering the domain.


Chile has the safest domain for surfing the web in Latin America. This is revealed in the third study by the computer security company McAfee, which analyzed the most dangerous sites on the Internet.


The study, which is based on the analysis of over 37 million websites, determined that the .cl domain gives users from the region the greatest guarantees, thanks in part to the fact that it provides a swift response to phishing and web server attack reporting, as well as an efficient control of fraudulent online payments.


In addition to this, there is NIC Chile’s (the institution that manages the .cl domain) growing participation in security forums and response to attacks and threats, which has allowed risks to be kept under control.


As a result of these policies, Chile has developed effective security systems to deal with internet dangers like viruses, spyware, phishing and malware, among others. To give an example: of the over 44,000 .cl sites analyzed, only 280 were rated as risky.


According to Mike Gallagher, McAfee Labs technology manager, the survey “highlights the speed with which cybercriminals change their tactics to lure in a larger number of victims and to avoid getting caught. Criminals prefer regions where it is cheaper and easier to register sites and where they run less of a risk of being trapped.” Thanks to the responsibility of the people in charge of .cl, Chile does classify as one of these countries.