Double taxation treaties

To prevent foreign companies that maintain business in Chile to pay double taxes, the country has signed different treaties.


To date, Chile maintains treaties to avoid double taxation with 19 countries and political leaders support the continuation of these types of agreements.

At its core, this type of treaty determines the tax rate for each of the subscribed countries. If the treaty is well-designed, contributors will not actively seek benefits or reductions in their tax treatment, but it will rather approach the matter with a high degree of certainty.  This applies, for example, to an investor who has the option to pay in either one of two countries covered by the agreement.

This level of certainty constitutes an important incentive designed to support the international investment.

Countries that have double taxation treaties with Chile

– Argentina
– Brazil
– Canada
– South Korea
– Croatia
– Denmark
– Ecuador
– Spain
– France
– Ireland
– Malaysia
– Mexico
– Norway
– New Zealand
– Paraguay
– Peru
– Poland
– Portugal
– United Kingdom
– Sweden