Easter Island will have its first public nursery school in March

Work is also under way on a similar project in the Juan Fernández Archipelago, so nursery schools and preschools can reach practically the entire country.

Public nursery in Easter Island
The new nursery school will receive 20 infants of between three months and two years of age

In order to favor equal opportunities from early childhood onward, the Chilean Government is working hard to increase the number of nursery schools and preschools throughout the country. These are centers aimed at providing education and support to the smallest members of Chilean families.

This is why Easter Island will have its first public nursery school as of next March, which will allow the existing educational services in the area to be improved beyond its two middle level classes attending to 64 boys and girls between two and four years of  age.

The new nursery school will receive 20 infants of between three months and two years of age and also considers upgrading the classrooms that house the existing levels, an investment that has been estimated at close to US$ 255,000. With this, the network of preschools and nursery schools will have covered practically the entire country.

“The regional office is happy about the consolidation of increased coverage. Not only have we managed to attain a presence in 35 of the 38 municipalities in the region, but we have also been able to do so on the two islands in our territory,” Regional Director of the National Board of Early Education (JUNJI) Alejandra Nielsen Molina said in reference to this nursery school and the one located in Juan Fernández, an archipelago opposite the coast of the port of San Antonio.

To make better use of the space, the architect Mario Donoso, the professional in charge of the project, chose to build the new nursery school of the Hare Gnapoki preschool in a dome so as to optimize the movement of materials and to fulfill the deadlines set for the work. At the moment, it is 20% complete and the nursery school will be ready by the end of March.