Eateries: warmth of home far from our houses

If you want to know the real Chilean gastronomy, not pretentious style, you cannot miss eating at any of the country’s eateries.

Chancho y Pipeño
Imagen: Sitio / La Piojera

Eateries are little family “businesses” that feed the most diverse clients with filling Chilean dishes like Cazuela, Charquicán, Porotos, and Caldo de pata. But what stands out the most, apart from the dishes’ tastiness, is the cozy environment in which they work.

These eateries have become in cult places in Chile and, in honour to their tradition, Carolina Carstens and Roxana Soto have made a route of the ten most typical eateries of Santiago. They published this route as a book called “Chancho y Pipeño”, launched on September. The book reflects the national cuisine history from colonization till today.

Some of the most traditional are:

Donde Augusto: It is one of the most famous eateries of Mercado Central, and has made sea cuisine firmly present in Chile since the ‘80. On its menu preparations in base of conger eel, albacore, and sea bass with diverse sides stand out, the most popular being the french fries.

La Piojera: This is the national center of the Chilean identity. Located in Barrio Estación Mapocho, it not only offers lunch, but also one of the most popular drinks of Chile can be found there, the Terremoto. In fact, the origin of this drink made of white wine called Pipeño (a must of humble vines with no further fermentation), granadina liquor, and pineapple ice cream, is said to be found in this eatery.

El Hoyo: Located in Barrio Estación Central, its name comes from the old slopes on the street it was built. This place, besides of standing out by its own name, is typical because of the barrels used as tables. Some of their specialities are Pernil de cerdo con papas cocidas, or pork leg with boiled potatoes, and Arrollado de cerdo, pork wrapped with pork skin stripes, ccompanied with boiled potatoes as well.

For further information, visit the book official website, in which it is available for download in PDF format.

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