Economic and political stability

Trust and stability, two solid foundations on which to base your decision to study in Chile.


Chile is a stable country with a solid economy, a clear institutional framework and well-respected democratic institutions. The country’s economic model is one of the most open in the world, evidenced by the internationally-renowned number of free trade agreements signed with other countries.

Decades of economic growth have made Chile one of the most successful and stable developing countries in the world.

After retrieving democracy in 1989, governments have followed normal succession, with over 23 presidential, parliamentary and municipal elections. Chile’s political transition has been the subject of international study and is considered a model by many experts.

Chile is the most transparent country in Latin America and is 22 throughout the world, according to the annual Transparency International ranking, placing ahead of many European countries. All of these factors mean trust and safety for the increasing number students, tourists and investors coming to Chile.