Fresh produce

Chile is a country with great natural and human potential located in a place of amazing geographical and climatic contrasts. Chile’s unique characteristics lend it unrivalled conditions for producing fresh, pure, healthy, good quality food which is appreciated around the world.


Chile’s food products come from a generous and fertile land and bear the unique and distinctive stamp of time-honoured wisdom combined with the right processes and technology to preserve and enhance their purity, freshness, and healthiness

Chile has the most transparent skies on Earth and possesses some of the world’s most significant freshwater reserves. Natural barriers at all four compass points protect Chile, converting it into a true phytosanitary island.

The desert to the north, the Andes mountain range, the Pacific Ocean and the Antarctic ice fields all form natural barriers that protect Chilean food production from sanitary risks. The weather conditions are also surprising: from north to south, Chile has 12 different climate types, the most significant one being Mediterranean.

Another great characteristic is our people with their age-old wisdom inherited from our indigenous peoples and their deeply-rooted love for the earth and its products. When these characteristics are combined with new production processes, technology and innovative trends, the result is food products which are appreciated and enjoyed around the world every day. People on every continent choose Chilean foods, which are a source of life.

Taking origin as a central concept, 5 attributes of the industry stand out:

Innocuity: Natural phytosanitary barriers, which isolate Chilean foods, keeping them free from pests and diseases. In Chile, we do not have foot and mouth disease, fruit flies, phylloxera or other diseases.

Quality: The result of our combination of geography, climate, experience and professionalism. Taken together, these characteristics enable Chile to produce food which is world-renowned for its quality.

International Guarantee: Valuation and recognition in global markets. Our attributes and long track record in international trade enable us to provide guarantees for our products, which are valued by consumers on every continent.

Traceability: Complete monitoring of the productive process in accordance with strict quality control standards means we can offer certified products.

Natural Flavour: Purity and freshness from the place of origin. Thanks to our climate – very warm summers and cold winters – and geography – our mineral-rich soils, amongst other factors – our products are a source of life.


World Class Exporter
Chile plays a key role in the global food industry.

The world’s biggest exporter

  • Fresh blueberries
  • Fresh grapes
  • Fresh cherries
  • Prunes
  • Dehydrated apples
  • Frozen whole salmon
  • Mussels


The world’s second biggest exporter

  • Shelled walnuts
  • Fresh plums
  • Fresh salmon fillet
  • Unshelled almonds


The world’s third biggest exporter

  • Raisins
  • Frozen raspberries
  • Grape juice
  • Inulin


We are now developing a campaign called Foods from Chile with the objective of bringing Chilean food products closer to the local cuisine of each of the countries where we undertake activities. We are also seeking to reach the people who are at the heart of Chilean food production – the small family farms – as well as all the people involved in the Chilean food industry.

We will take this campaign to every food promotion activity on the calendar, both here in Chile and around the world.