Educational alternatives

Everything from an MBA to a course on the appreciation of architectural heritage. You can study anything in Chile, even things you had never imagined.


There are over 50 universities in Chile and these offer approximately 2,400 undergraduate programs, with a wide variety of courses, diploma programs, bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees and PhDs in the fields of education, science, communications, art, culture and the performing arts.

A substantial percentage of foreigners coming to study in Chile choose careers such as Economy or an MBA, Political Science and Literature. The country’s economic model and the signing of several free trade agreements, a successful democratic transition model and a fine tradition of world-famous authors are the main reasons why students are interested in coming to Chile to study.

The environment, marine ecology and sustainable development are other popular careers. However, the country also features programs with less massive appeal, such as PhDs in astronomy, especially valuable because Chile has the clearest skies in the world and a large number of observatories; master’s degrees in mining, oenology and wine tasting courses which include guided tours of vineyards, and appreciation of architectural heritage, a course which is also taught at Valparaiso, a Unesco heritage site.