El Huaso Enrique: more than a restaurant

El Huaso Enrique offers a unique dining and cultural experience in the middle of the hustle and bustle of Santiago. 

There is something particularly special about the restaurant El Huaso Enrique.  Indeed, one may enjoy a variety of Chilean culinary treats at El Huaso, from classic drinks, like Pisco Sours, to a variety of foods including delicious meats and rich desserts.  Though what really puts El Huaso on the not-to-be-missed in Santiago map, is its tradition of Chilean folklore, song and dance.  Most notably, its celebration of the Cueca Brava, a uniquely Chilean style of music accompanied by its own dance that represents an elaborate courtship ritual.
This year, El Huaso will celebrate 60 years of service as a culinary and cultural stronghold.  Since its beginning, El Huaso has served as a haven for Santiago’s bohemian culture.  Regular patrons included writers, politicians and artists who gathered to eat and listen to traditional, folklore inspired music.  As its culinary and musical customs continued, its legacy drew Chile’s most important musical pioneers.  Now, El Huaso has grown into a cultural institution.
These proud cultural traditions continue today.  Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night, patrons gather to sit back and take in the atmosphere while listening to traditional Chilean music.  Though El Huaso offers an instant immersion into Chilean folklore,  it also offers various palatable samplings.  From the menu, one may choose from a variety of classic drinks including the famed Pisco Sour and Terremotos. For the uninitiated, a Terremoto is an old favorite made from a mildly fermented white wine and pineapple ice cream.
Main course options include the Plato Huaso, a hearty combination of ribs, pork meat or lamb chops rolled in bacon, blood sausage and spicy pork sausage – sure to please the heartiest of appetites. El Huaso also offers several Chilean delicacies for dessert.
El Huaso has earned its place as a cherished national icon.  More than merely a restaurant, it’s a rendezvous point for people to eat and celebrate Chilean heritage.  El Huaso is conveniently located near downtown Santiago at Maipú 462, just a short walk from Metro Quinta Normal.