Elementary education

This is the first level of obligatory education and it includes two four-year cycles. The system provides scholarships and other benefits.

Versión en Español Educación Básica

Elementary education consists of eight years of study divided into two cycles. The first four-year cycle teaches basic contents with universal methodology.

The second four-year cycle features contents organized into subjects and more specific educational activities. The structure of this level has been designed to provide students with an integral, general and basic education. Integral in that the system encompasses all aspects of human development: affective, cognitive and ethical, focusing on the process of growth and personal self-affirmation and providing guidelines as to the way the person relates with others and with the world.

General in that it promotes lessons learned and a wide range of knowledge pertaining to humanistic, scientific and artistic areas. Elementary because it provides the minimal formal education required in keeping with study plans.

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