Exhibition of Chilean artist Matilde Pérez begins in Italy

The 91-year-old artist was one of the leading exponents of the “kinetic art” movement in the 20th century.


A exhibition of the works of 91-year-old Chilean artist Matilde Pérez has gone on display at the Palazzo Sant’Elia de Palermo in Sicily, Italy.

The retrospective takes viewers on a tour of the artist’s accomplishments with a collection of 16 paintings dating from 1960 to the present, according to the cultural attaché to the Chilean Embassy in Rome, Santiago Elordi.

Matilde Pérez: Retrospectiva” contains a range of different styles and techniques employed by Pérez throughout her career as one of the leading exponents of the “kinetic art” movement, including acrylic painting, collage, sketching and screen printing.

In her book Manifiesto Amarillo (“Yellow Manifesto”), Pérez outlines the theory of kinetic art, which plays with motion to achieve optical and aesthetic effect.

Born in Santiago in 1920, the Chilean artist dedicated herself to painting from the age of 18, taking classes from Chilean artist Pedro Reszka before relocating to Paris where she was strongly influenced by Hungarian painter Victor Vasarely, the founder of the Op Art movement.

In 1970, she was commissioned by the Universidad de Chile to continue her research into kinetic art in Paris, where she remained until 1972.

Her work is characterized by bold shapes, disciplined composition and a rational control of lines and color. She devoted herself to studying visual stimulation and was fascinated by the new creations and machinery of industrial society, always experimenting with new materials and colors in a constant attempt to stimulate viewers.

The Chilean artist has been recognized internationally throughout her long career and has received several art prizes for her work, including the Chilean Municipal Art Award and the Amanda Labarca Merit Award.

The exhibition in Sicily runs until October 16.