Exhibition showcases Chilean identity

Centro Cultural La Palacio La Moneda’s newest collection highlights the history and legacy of Chile

A new exhbition on Chilean identity runs until August at the La Moneda cultural center. Photo via Centro Cultural Palacio La Moneda/Facebook

Almost three hundred works by legendary homegrown artists have been brought together to create an exhibition that looks that the heart of what it means to be Chilean.

Running from April through to the end of August, the exhibition Puro Chile. Paisaje y Territorio (Pure Chile, Landscape and Territory) highlights the development of the Chilean identity and landscape. Among the collection are piece from such well known Chilean artists as Violeta Parra, Alessandro Ciccarelli, Nemesio Antúnez and Pedro Subercaseaux.

The first room of the exhibition focuses on the “invention of the landscape,” taking a look back at how what is now Chile was viewed when the republic was first formed after gaining independence from Spain. Among the rare and interesting pieces in this part of the collection are early maps of the region.

“[Puro Chile is] an unprecedented opportunity which allows us to reflect on our country’s identity,” said independent curator Juan Manuel Martínez, who joined the Centro Cultural Palacio La Moneda team in creating the exhibition. “It is a journey through different periods of history which allows us to understand the construction of our natural and human landscapes.”

The collection includes paintings, drawings, video, installations and specially built entrances, charting the Andean nation’s history from the days of the early republic to its modern status as a regional leader.

Puro Chile. Paisaje y Territorio will be on display at Centro Cultural Palacio La Moneda until August 17, 2014.