Exhibition unites Chilean and international artists in Santiago

Local artists living abroad and foreigners in Chile bring distinct perspectives to an exhibit that includes, video, painting, sculpture and sound installations. 

Eleven Chilean and international artists come together in the Zona Común (Common Ground) exhibition, currently being held in the Museo de Arte Contemporanea Quinta Normal (MAC) in Santiago.
Zona Común hopes to capture a host of global and multifaceted perspectives by convening contemporary Chilean artists who live abroad, alongside international artists whose work pertains to Chile.
According to MAC Director Francisco Brugnoli, Chileans artists living overseas «carry with them a local perspective, but one that is ‘seen from abroad.’”
“It’s a point of view enriched by experience in other latitudes,» he said.
This multiplicity of perspective is evident in the wide array of styles and subjects within the exhibition, which includes video, photography, painting, sculpture and sound installations.
Take the Chilean/German team of artists Claudia del Fierro and Heike Bollig. Working in chorus during a residency at MAC in the months leading up to the exposition, the pair arrived at their installation Recreación, which plays with ideas of public space in Santiago. Bollig works by transforming found objects she collected in Santiago, while del Fierro documents public spaces in video clips, while inserting herself into these spaces and situations in curious ways.
Chilean artist Magdalena Correa will display her photographic and video installation called Níveo, a body of work that has been displayed internationally since 2009. Níveo is a striking collection of photography and video footage documenting life from the little town of Bahía Fildes, the only year round settlement in the Chilean arctic. In her video pieces, Paralelos I, II, Correa makes poignant comparisons between video footage shot in the Arctic and video from daily life in the rest of the world.
Daniela Rivera’s installation Muros deconstructs the concept of a museum. After traveling to some of the most important museums in New York and in Europe, Rivera recreates paintings of sections and subsections of walls within and on the outsides of those buildings. The effect is paradoxical; paintings of museum walls hanging on a painted museum wall.
Besides the aforementioned artists, Zona Común also features the work of Pía Aldana (Chile), Benjamin Appel, Thomas Geiger (Germany), Carolina Perez Pallares (Ecuador), Astrid Seme (Austria), Hugo Leonello Núñez (Mexico), and Shingo Yoshida (Japan).
Zona Común is open for viewing in MAC Quinto Normal, located at Matucana 646, near the Quinto Normal Metro Station, until November 11. Gallery hours are 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday and 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on Sunday.
Tickets cost US$1.25 (CLP$600) and US$0.85 (CLP$400) for children, students and senior citizens.