Expert lecturers aboard new luxury cruise of Chilean Patagonia

Talks by specialists from across several fields including wildlife photography, geology, and ecology will enrich new cruise of Patagonia and Antarctica.

Luxury cruise company Seabourn has announced plans for a new expedition on Chilean waters that promises to both pamper and educate its guests. The Seabourn Quest Antarctica & Patagonia Expedition will take voyagers to some of the most stunning coastal regions in southern Chile and beyond, while a team of eleven lecturers and three photography coaches will impart knowledge from across an impressive breadth of fields.

The lecturers include professors in geology, maritime law and history, anthropology, chemistry, biology, cetology (the study of whales and dolphins), and politics. As well as professional photographers, a naturalist will be aboard, along with the captain, four expedition leaders, and a driver to operate a zodiac boat for excursions that will take guests up close and personal with glaciers and wildlife.

«My team and I bring years of experience navigating these waters and leading exploratory expeditions ashore,” Captain Bjarne Larsen said. “We have put in place an extraordinary program to give you an up-close view of Patagonia and Antarctica’s magnificent beauty.»

When not attending lectures or participating in excursions, guests will be subject to five star treatment onboard the vessel.

“Every care will be taken to ensure complete comfort and well-being, from a well-timed glass of champagne to a rejuvenating massage after a day ashore,” Seabourn says on its website. “Majestic, unspoiled natural splendors await — snow-capped volcanoes reflected in crystalline lakes, massive glaciers and fjords, the rugged grandeur of Patagonia, Cape Horn and beyond, the sweeping landscapes and diverse wildlife of Antarctica.”

The 21-24 day cruise will visit more than a dozen attractions, including ports, fjords, straits, bays, and glaciers. On shore, guests will be treated with a visit to Torres del Paine, walks through Valdivian temperate rainforests, and visits to Chiloé and Puerto Montt, among other highlights.

Seabourn Quest is scheduled for four voyages starting November 20 of this year. Tickets range from US$ 15,000 (CLP 7,164,000) to US$ 50,000 (CLP 23,880,000). For more information visit Seabourn’s website.