Explore artwork of Antofagasta, Chile in free exhibit

You can experience this unique creative space for the region’s contemporary artists now through the end of November at the Biblioteca Viva in Antofagasta. 

The work of Antofagasta’s blossoming contemporary art scene is now on display through the end of November in a special exhibit at Antofagasta’s library and community space, Biblioteca Viva in Antofagasta (BVAn).
The series is titled Materialización de la Agenda de la Sala Multiuso BVAn marzo – noviembre 2012 (Realization of the Agenda of the Multipurpose Room BVAn March to November 2012) and features rotating artist exhibits from March through November. The project aims to create a space for the city’s experimental work while providing training opportunities for local artists.
Currently on display at BVAn is the work of emerging Antofagastan artist Cappry Leiva. According to the young artist, her installation at BVAn is inspired by emotions and the world of dreams.
“My original concept was based on people that go unnoticed by society and become ghosts,”  Leiva told This is Chile. “I wanted to manifest this through an installation of masks on the wall, and above them are projected images which represent these people as ghosts.”
According to Leiva, initiatives like the gallery at BVAn are helping empower emerging artists in the region.
Antofagasta contemporary art is growing more and more thanks to the various spaces that have been created to give space and allow artists to publish their works,” she said.
Next up at the BVAn space will be the work of seven revered South American artists. Titled Utopías aplicadas. Un manual del bolsillo (Utopias applied. A pocket manual), the exhibit opens November 13 and will run through the end of the month.
Check out the exhibition at the Biblioteca Viva in Antofagasta (BVAn), located in the Mall Plaza Antofagasta at Balmaceda No. 2355. The exhibit is free.
Materialización de la Agenda de la Sala Multiuso BVAn marzo – noviembre 2012  is a project of the Colectivo SE VENDE Plataforma de Arte Contemporáneo en Antofagasta, an organization founded in 2003 that promotes the development and dissemination of the region’s visual art. Chile’s Fondo Nacional de Desarrollo Cultural y las Artes (National Foundation for the Development of Culture and the Arts) provided funding for the exhibition.