Famous producer Eli Roth prepares to make Aftershock in Chile

The American actor, director and producer, known for horror flicks Cabin Fever and Hostel, says the movie will be set in the aftermath of Feb 27 earthquake and is set to start filming in March 2011.


A thriller film named Aftershock, set in Chile in the aftermath of the 8.8 magnitude earthquake which hit the country in February, will go into pre-production in January 2011, with filming set to start in March.

The movie will be produced by Eli Roth, the American actor, director and producer of horror films such as Hostel and The Last Exorcism, and directed by Chilean Nicolás López.

López is perhaps best known for the film Promedio Rojo which won the ‘most innovative’ category in the 2005 Arts and Entertainment Critics Awards.

Roth recently visited to the country with the film´s backer Steve Prince. He toured vineyards in Casablanca, visited port city Valparaíso and checked out the trendy Lastarria neighborhood in central Santiago.

Roth said the visit Chile was “a very good decision.”

“Many Americans think that if they go to Chile they’ll find a ‘City of God’, or a country that has been shaken by an earthquake,” he said.

“We want to make a film that shows the beauty of Chile. I want to show the vineyards, the cosmopolitan city of Santiago. In the U.S. everyone wants Chilean wine, so we’ll start with what they know, and then we’ll show the city, and then the quake will begin.”

“I love the idea that everything can change in a second, and that all the little things are suddenly big problems. After the earthquake, everything becomes a moral decision.”

Roth, world-renowned for his particularly gory brand of horror films, says that Aftershock will have some elements of the genre. He also believes that, just as his association with Quentin Tarantino helped boost his image, he can have the same impact for López.

“When people heard that Quentin liked me, everything changed and they began to see my movies differently. And that is what will happen with Nicolás. I’ll help him to get this kind of attention. He deserves it and he´s ready for it. “

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