Festival to showcase independent cinema in Chile

Hundreds of cutting edge films will be screened at cinemas in Santiago and throughout the country as part of the fourth annual Cine B Festival.


Fans of independent cinema throughout Chile are in for a treat next month with the launch of the 2011 Festival Cine B.

Now in its fourth year, the festival has a packed program with over 700 Chilean and international films set to screen at 18 movie theaters in Santiago and eight regional cinemas, from Arica in the north to Punta Arenas in the south.

Aimed at showcasing films that are usually ignored by mainstream cinemas, the festival has a broad range of competition categories including Best International Film, Best Chilean Film, Best International Short Film, Best Chilean Short Film, the Best Video Clip and the Opera Prima Award for projects that are still in the development stage.

Organized by the Alameda Arts and Cultural Corporation and the Chilean Film School, the festival is one of the most important events for Chile’s emerging directors and independent filmmakers, who are responsible for the majority of the movies produced by the growing national film industry.

“The revolution in Digital Cinema and the scarcity of money have played in our favor and given us tremendous creative liberty,” festival director Antonino Ballestrazzi told La Cuarta.

“Whether you call them indie, alternative or low-budget films, Cine B is all about the other films that often get overlooked,” Ballestrazzi said.

As well as promoting a broad spectrum of movies, the festival hopes to make cinema accessible to ordinary Chileans. The vast majority of films will be screened for free or with an entrance fee of just CLP1,000 (US$1.95).

Several parallel activities have been organized alongside the film screenings, including the Laboratorio Experimental project, which will provide support to emerging filmmakers who are currently working on movie projects.

A series of talks and parties will also be arranged as part of the festival that runs from November 4-13.

For more information, including a list of films and venues in English and in Spanish, go to the festival’s website.